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History 2.0 (a working title)

   Hunched over my computer, I'm muddled by the news of N. Korea's irrational threats of nuclear attack on S. Korea and the U.S.

  I had to learn more on N. Korea and where this anger is stemming from. Being the "avid" reader that I am, I decided to rent a documentary on N. Korea and their Supreme Leader Kim Jong-UN's family past. I was BLOWN AWAY by the lack non-existing rights and freedom of the N. Korean people. No outside news has been allowed in N. Korea. No Internet. No Wikipedia. Nothing. 

  One would think by the year 2013, a nation could be cut off from the rest of our planet and brainwashed into following a 29-year old "Supreme Leader." I then became intrigued with how evil can be persuaded, and the power of mob mentality.

  Like a shot to the head, it came to me. If the N. Korean's were freed from the Supreme Leader's control "how could we familiarize the N. Koreans to the history they've been missing out on?" This series would be my contribution.


  Focused on a fun and interesting take on history and pop culture. The series will include paintings, limited prints, and t-shirts and will all be available for sale on this site. Stay tuned for updates.